Meilan & Renke

Zafar has proven him to be a great photographer at our wedding day, not only the picture he has taken are invaluable for us, but also the wonderful experience of having him as the wedding photographer for a whole day company.

We are extremely happy with the photos Zafar has taken – about 70% are candid pictures and 30% are posed pictures, both are very satisfactory. We received the photos a while after the wedding day, but it’s definitely worth waiting for! We especially like the retouch Zafar has given to the pictures – they’ve added a lot of dimensions to the original pictures and made some of them more lively. This also goes for the lightning and coloring he utilized for the pictures. We simply keep receiving the compliments from our friends and families about the pictures!

Besides producing outstanding pictures, Zafar also provides very tailored services for his customers. We got in touch with Zafar prior to the wedding and he has made us a shooting plan that is tailored with our wedding day, which has proven to be very appreciative for us the wedding couple and our guests. Zafar worked extremely hard at the wedding day that almost everyone was amazed by his diligence afterwards. He is a smooth communicator towards all kinds of guests while possessing an incredibly serviced-mind.

Last but not least, we liked the online gallery Zafar provided, this has made sharing photo much easier.

Best Regards,
Renke & Meilan